Time and Tide in Cambodia

Gutwein Cambodia_-1WEBGutwein Cambodia_-21WEB

Gutwein Cambodia_-36WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-37WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-38WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-39WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-40WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-41WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-42WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-43WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-44WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-45WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-46WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-47WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-48WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-35WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-34WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-33WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-32WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-31WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-30WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-29WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-28WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-26WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-25WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-24WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-23WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-22WEB  Gutwein Cambodia_-20WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-19WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-18WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-16WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-15WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-14WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-13WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-12WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-11WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-8WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-7WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-6WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-5WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-4WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-3WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-2WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-9WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-10WEBTraveling through Cambodia is surely a road less traveled.  I had received a tip back in 2006 to go check out a new home-stay in the jungle of Battambang.  WIthin months I was in Cambodia at the home-stay, and finding that there was a lot more about Cambodia than just the fear of undetonated land mines.  In the past 7 years I have been working with digital, polaroid, and 35 mm film images from my ongoing documentary about contemporary Cambodia and the rebuilding of every aspect of life after the brutal Khmer Rouge reign.  I was fortunate enough to have my second trip back to Cambodia funded by the wonderful visionaries at Alternate Ending Studios.

Currently I am working to obtain funding to spend 6 months traveling and documenting all aspects of daily life across the entire Kingdom of Cambodia. The final images will be printed in a book as a  visual map of contemporary Cambodia by region.

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