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Newark Open Doors 2015

We Are The Ghosts of Our Future

We Are The Ghosts of Our Future

Newark is having it’s annual Open Doors arts festival this weekend with over 50 galleries and artist studios to visit, now is the best time to experience the arts in Newark.  For more information about Newark Open Doors and the venues involved click HERE.

Friday October 16th Index Art Center will host the opening reception  for “Forum in Form”, a sculptural exhibition I curated featuring Domonique Duroseau, Amanda Thackray, Bisa Washington, Adrienne Wheeler, and Noelle Lorraine Williams.  To read the full press release, see the post below or follow the link HERE.

The side gallery at Index will be exhibiting the artists from Index Art Center’s studio residency program.  I will be showing some small works from the break-away series “We Are the Ghosts of Our Future”.

Post-Pocket Utopia will be adding to their exhibit #SeeingNewark in their new gallery space at the Gateway Center.  I have some small works from The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project in this group show.   For more information click HERE.

On Sunday October 18th, artists will open their studios throughout Newark.  I will have my shared studio space (with the fabulous Joseph O’Neal) open and will be showing large works from the Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project  break-away series “We Are the Ghosts of Our Future”. follow the Facebook event HERE

The closing reception for “Emerging Ideas”  curated by Adrienne Wheeler will be on view in the Wells Fargo Building, 765 Broad Street, 5th Floor (entry around the corner on Bank Street) and will include large works from the Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project  break-away series “We Are the Ghosts of Our Future”.  For more information follow the Facebook page HERE.

There are lots more events happening in Newark this week…. just pop into one and you can get all the information you need to keep touring around the city.  For transportation information and shuttle services click HERE….ENJOY!

Two New Articles Released for “The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project”

artist: Kati Vilim

artist: Kati Vilim

Over the past few months I have been fortunate enough to be interviewed by Emma Wilcox, the owner of Gallery Aferro in Newark, for the Newark Happening website, as well as by Carrie Stetler, former editor of Hycide Magazine, for the Newark Bound magazine.  Both are available to read online at the links below:

Newark Happening interview by Emma Wilcox

Newark Bound interview by Carrie Stetler (pages 40, 41,& 45)

To see more images from the ongoing documentary please visit the official website: and keep up to date as more artists are added to the website through the official Facebook page.

The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project

Jem Jr. contact sheet sample

Jem Jr. Contact Sheet Samples

Over the past two years I have been working on “The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project” with support from The Puffin Foundation and Index Art Center. As an artist working in Newark during the past decade,  I have recognized the influx of artists and constant change to the communities surrounding them. Now is the time to capture the energy and creative spirit of the people involved in the current Newark art scene, as well as the physical sites of studios, galleries, and museums through photographic portraits.  The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project is a two part series.  The first part consists of the digital images available to view online at: (artists profiles are constantly being added as this documentary is not completed) .  The second series consists of  interviews and portraits taken with a 1940’s Jem Jr 120 box camera, manufactured by J.E. Mergott Co in Newark, NJ.  These images will be on view as a full collection once the project is completed, and will be accompanied by a book including all of the images.

Newark, NJ 2013

Newark, NJ 2013


Open Studio Oct 10 & 12 for Newark Open Doors 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.25.02 PM

The 13th annual citywide arts festival “Open Doors” is presented by the Newark Arts Council  October 9th- 19th, 2014.  Please join me in my studio at INDEX ART CENTER on the 3rd floor Friday Oct. 10th from 6-10pm and Sunday Oct. 12th from 12-6pm.  

I will be showing images form my cyanotype series “Modern Blueprint”, as well as some of the contact sheets from the film part of my ongoing documentary “The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project”  …more about the documentary here:

“In 2014 Index Art Center opened the doors of Goodwin Hall and launched Index Art Center’s Studio Residency Program. Goodwin Hall consists of nine studio spaces. Each studio is occupied by a single artist or an artist collaboration.

IAC is committed to serving artists and the arts community in Newark, NJ. The Residency Program aims to foster relationships within the community and give additional exposure to the talented and hard-working artists accepted into the program. ” 

For a complete schedule of Open Doors 2014 events visit the Newark Arts Council:

For information regarding Index Art Center:

To be on my mailing list, please sign up on the CONTACT page.

Newark Arts Photo Doucumentary Project shown in HYCIDE Magazine’s Newark Issue

The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project is rolling into it’s second year of shooting.  I have completed roughly 45 shoots with artists, curators, program directors, and gallery owners since receiving funding from The Puffin Foundation in 2013.  Some of the images I have been working on were proudly shown in The Newark Issue of HYCIDE Magazine last month.   For more information about the documentary project or the magazine, please follow the links above.

2014 Hycide Group

pg. 55 article: “Black & White” author: Lucy McKeon

2014 Hycide Jay Wilson

pg. 96 article: “The New People” author: Akintola Hanif

Current Documentary

Newark, NJ 2013

Newark, NJ 2013                                                                                                                                           ©colleengutwein

Since December 2012, I have been working on a new documentary project: The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project.  This project aims to capture  the energy and creative spirit of the people involved in the current Newark art scene, as well as the physical sites of studios, galleries, and museums through photographic portraits.  If you would like to see more, please visit the website for this project:

Register Now for my Documentary Photography Class this Winter at Montclair Art Museum

Gutwein Cambodia 6

Title: Documentary Photography NEW!
Course Code: 300DP
Program: Course
Semester/Session: Winter
Time: Thursdays, 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Medium: Digital Media, Digital Photography
Age: Adult
Description: Photography can be used as a way to document a personal journey through the lens. Photographs have changed not only the way people can view the world we live in, but also have become a catalyst in shaping the world around us. This class aims to take students a step closer the world of documentary photography by looking into the history of the practice, and help students to create a basic documentary portfolio in the subject matter of their choice. Each student will participate in class critiques and learn new ways to discuss their work. Students are required to have a SLR or Digital SLR camera (no camera phones) and a basic knowledge of their camera. Class starts January 16 and runs 10 weeks.
Teacher: Colleen Gutwein
Member Cost: $335.00
Nonmember Cost: $365.00 

You can register for this class via the MAM website:

Time and Tide in Cambodia

Gutwein Cambodia_-1WEBGutwein Cambodia_-21WEB

Gutwein Cambodia_-36WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-37WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-38WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-39WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-40WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-41WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-42WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-43WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-44WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-45WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-46WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-47WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-48WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-35WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-34WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-33WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-32WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-31WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-30WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-29WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-28WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-26WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-25WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-24WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-23WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-22WEB  Gutwein Cambodia_-20WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-19WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-18WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-16WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-15WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-14WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-13WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-12WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-11WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-8WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-7WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-6WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-5WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-4WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-3WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-2WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-9WEB Gutwein Cambodia_-10WEBTraveling through Cambodia is surely a road less traveled.  I had received a tip back in 2006 to go check out a new home-stay in the jungle of Battambang.  WIthin months I was in Cambodia at the home-stay, and finding that there was a lot more about Cambodia than just the fear of undetonated land mines.  In the past 7 years I have been working with digital, polaroid, and 35 mm film images from my ongoing documentary about contemporary Cambodia and the rebuilding of every aspect of life after the brutal Khmer Rouge reign.  I was fortunate enough to have my second trip back to Cambodia funded by the wonderful visionaries at Alternate Ending Studios.

Currently I am working to obtain funding to spend 6 months traveling and documenting all aspects of daily life across the entire Kingdom of Cambodia. The final images will be printed in a book as a  visual map of contemporary Cambodia by region.