2013 Newark Open Doors Tour 10/12/13

Arkansas 7Arkansas 7, 2013

Index Art Center invites you to our fourth annual exhibition: Intersection 2013
Recognizing the tremendous talent and our unique location in downtown Newark, four years ago IAC began a series of exhibitions called Intersection. The shows featured work by artists that have had studio spaces located at 31 Central Avenue and 585 Broad Street in Newark. 31 Central and 585 Broad have been occupied by artists and creative people for more than a decade, helping to establish an emerging arts community in the Halsey Street area and Downtown Newark.

This past June 585 Broad caught fire, prompting the City of Newark to shut down the second floor of our building. This is where our art spaces, galleries, studios, and workshops were located. As of now it does not seem that 585 will be reopening anytime soon.
The Newark arts community has lost a significant arts destination. The building was a hotspot for creative people, groups, and projects such as IAC, Kedar Studio of Art, Beez Boutique, The Newark Print Shop, Oculus Art Collective and so on. Nine of the Intersection artists were located here.

For the past four years we have been fortunate enough to work with a terrific and diverse group of artists. This year we are proud not only to exhibit the artists that have had studios in these buildings, we are also happy to be including a number of artists that have been instrumental not only in our community, but to IAC as well.

Intersection will be held at two different locations on the same night. The event will begin with a reception for artists Josie Barreiro and Colleen Gutwein at 27 Mix, and gradually move on to Kilkenny Alehouse located half a block away.

Intersection will revolve around the Newark Arts Council’s 12th annual Open Doors event happening October 10 through October 13.
Produced, curated and organized by: Linda Chen, Heidi Hussa, and Lowell Craig

Our Exhibition at 27 Mix will feature artists Colleen Gutwein and Josie Barreiro
and performances by Deivito & Jenique Torres-Cox, and Spencer Fro

Kilkenny Alehouse will feature work by:
Gianluca Bianchino, Jeanne Brasile, Daniel Brophy, Beatriz Burgos, Linda Chen, Lisa Conrad, Lowell Craig, Alex Scott Cumming, Kevin Darmanie, Tatiana Duarte, Dominique Duroseau, Jessica Ellis, Drew Alexander Ennis, Jerry Gant, Seth Goodwin, M Gosser, Dustin Gramando, Colleen Gutwein, Akintola Hanif, Linda Hu, Heidi Hussa, Jillian Keats, John Masi, Stephen Mckenzie, Kevin Merkel, William Oliwa, Luisa Pinzon, German Pitre, Anna Ryabtsov,Sophia Sobers, Pete Tuomey, Vazquez, Kati Vilim, Joe Waks, Amanda Wilson, Jay Wilson, Ellen Whitney aka “Krackers O’ Kislak”, Lunar New Year, Bryan McElroy, Katrina Bello, Charlee Swanson, Kylie Lefkowitz, Kevin Durkin, and Kelly Pinho.

Reception: Saturday, October 12

27 Mix: 6 – 9pm
Kilkenny Alehouse: 7pm – midnight

27 Mix is located at 27 Halsey Street
Kilkenny Alehouse is located at 27 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ



For more Open Doors 2013 information check out this web page: